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Certain schools and training or further training centres specialising in a specific sector such as watchmaking (e.g. Neuchâtel), pharmaceuticals, medicine, chemistry (e.g. Monthey) or design (e.g. Nyon) offer courses and/or training programmes to young graduates starting out in working life or to adults who have been working for several years. All of them are interested in perfecting their knowledge in their field of specialisation, whether to increase their chances of finding a job, to benefit from a promotion or simply for the pleasure of deepening their skills and knowledge.

In this age of globalisation, the students who attend these types of schools and centres physically or via videoconferencing, often come from diverse backgrounds and are therefore native speakers of a foreign language. It is therefore essential that the courses they follow are available in several languages to be accessible to all, without exception. It is a fact that it is much easier to understand explanations when they are given in the language one uses in everyday life, especially if the theory to be explained is complex. This is why, as a teacher, offering multilingual courses is a real advantage to ensure that your message has been understood and assimilated correctly. Moreover, being able to offer this type of course is an additional argument for promoting the quality of your institution and a considerable asset in attracting more students.

Moreover, in this age of new technologies, the good old textbook is no longer really on-trend and teachers are increasingly making use of the digital and collaborative tools at their disposal to deliver their courses and make them more attractive. A new problem is that these materials, such as a PowerPoint presentation, must also be multilingual so that all students can follow and understand the course at the same time. In addition, these courses often deal with very specific subjects where the terminology used is very specialised.

Therefore, it is preferable that the translator in charge of translating your documents is specialised in the subject you teach. Indeed, a translator who is an expert in the medical sector does not necessarily master all the subtleties of the watchmaking sector. For the translation of your courses and/or your course materials, Tradeo selects, from among its team of professional translators, collaborators who master your subject in every detail to avoid any misunderstandings or misinterpretations and to guarantee you quality translations.

Are you a teacher at one of these schools or centres and would you like to have your courses translated into several languages to make them accessible to all your students? Don’t hesitate any longer, just call Tradeo. We will be happy to translate all your courses and other course materials for you. If you are multilingual, we can also meet your needs to translate your explanatory notes so that you can give your courses in several languages.