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Let’s look at the concept of quality in relation to goods and services. It is often contrasted with quantity and is also more subtle to measure. Indeed, what actually constitutes the quality that we recognise in a quality product or service?

It is not the packaging that makes the quality, but it does contribute to it. The container and the contents are usually two sides of the same coin. In physical shops as in restaurants, we have all experienced satisfaction and admiration for the sound advice of attentive staff, or the meticulous flurry of dishes served one after the other in a warm, tidy and welcoming space. When a purchase becomes a pleasant and seamless life experience from beginning to end, from the general atmosphere to the smallest details, then I am the happiest customer because I feel understood in my needs and expectations. These establishments are sorely missed whilst they have to remain closed.

Conversely, you may well have the best item or dish in the world, but if your salespeople or store staff don’t connect well with your customers, the image they convey can be disastrous for the next phase of your business. The disappointment felt will be great, the desire to return will be low or non-existent and word of mouth will be negative. It is therefore important to be very attentive to everything because the devil is in the detail.

What is the Holy Grail for any company? When the result exceeds expectations. This is normally expressed as customer orientation which fortunately can be acquired. It is in the interest of e-commerce to position itself as a reliable and efficient player so it then receives positive feedback on social networks. If customer loyalty can take many forms, your objective is achieved when your customers’ hearts beat loudly for your services or products as it is well known that emotion is an important vector in the act of purchasing.

The more added-value you have to sell, the less your prices will be challenged. Quality, whether it translates into a longer lifespan, an astute understanding of the requirements or personalised support, has a price that you have set so you can live and invest in the best tools available on the market. Some of your customers may be lured by cheaper services on offer … but they may also return to you, implicitly vindicating your quality requirements. What is pleasing is the extent to which, now more than ever, customers know how to appreciate and recognise quality goods and services.

Switzerland enjoys an aura of quality in the world. It is surprising that a small country should be internationally recognised not only for the manufacture of various innovative products, but also for the reliability of its timely and discreet services. Reputation always lives up to quality.

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