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Words escape me. I’m no good at writing. If I had a decent secretary… I have ideas in my head but I can’t manage to formulate them. A company newsletter or blog would be a good way for us to raise our profile, but we can only spare the time to find key words. If you can identify with these statements, then this blog article is for you. Most people do sometimes find it difficult to get their ideas down on paper. And as we increasingly favour computers and digital in preference to pen and paper, the consequence shouldn’t be that we lack the time, inspiration or ability to write good copy. So how would you go about delegating this particular task?

Ideas in mind, but back to the wall.

With the use of computer technology now ubiquitous, there comes a certain relief in outsourcing tasks – such as writing copy – to specialists who have the expertise I lack (other such examples include the graphic artist for my company logo, the media agency for my presentation brochure, or the web developer who adapts my website for mobile) and doing so allows me to achieve professional results that make the right impression. The saying “every man to his trade” is all the more relevant as the fields associated with corporate identity become increasingly specialised. There is a clear need for experts in different fields, particularly DTP, marketing and translation in InDesign for instance. The drafting of user manuals can be outsourced if you have a trusted partner. Our technical writers are on hand to assist. But the value of an authoring service also extends to a wider context, as we are about to see.

Tradeo, lend me your quill so I can write a word.

In a more personal context, perhaps spelling is not your strong point, your writing style lacks fluidity or your work commitments hinder you from devoting the time to write (wording, copywriting) your application form, your CV or other documents such as a covering letter for a job application or for official documents. Our copywriters are on hand to assist with (almost) any kind of document authoring – drawing the line though at trickery, plagiarism and forgery. Thanks to ghostwriting, you will be signing documents as if you had penned them yourself. Indeed, the ghostwriter could be the modern-day equivalent of the public letter-writer. We put your ideas into words, our team gives you the direction you need to successfully put your thoughts down on paper. Set your worries aside and allow us to author your documents in confidence.

Timely, prompt and efficient – simply delegate your authoring tasks to get your message across.

Given the professional touch, your message will be all the more convincing and credible. The main issue is to overcome the stumbling block of authoring your documents, and aim to be more open and less inhibited in your life and work. Don’t allow your inhibitions to hold you back from promoting your products, services and skills. With just a simple meeting, telephone conversation, some key words and details about the initial context, the team at Tradeo will be ready to fulfil your needs; we will be able to develop your rough drafts and give shape to your projects, as if you had done so yourself. As your trusted partner, we will assist you along your path to success.

A well-worded message – in an environment where people are writing fewer letters and where authoring skills tend to be overshadowed by other emerging skills – really can help make a difference. All things being equal, the impression your document makes will be much like the often determining first impression that you make when meeting someone for the first time. Tradeo offers the helping hand you need to stack the odds in your favour, for any professional or personal goal you have in mind.