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Brands cannot launch their products and services today without using web influencers and the writing of varied, informative and lively articles. At a time when online commerce is exploding, bloggers are playing an increasingly important role and some have a reputation that allows them, thanks to the number of subscribers who follow them, to live well or even very well from their advertising activities. For companies and institutions, blogs are about being visible and showing their dynamism. The regularity, originality of the choice of blog articles and their conciseness allow them to make their image accessible to the general public and to create a link with generations in search of information.

A website section dedicated to a blog allows you to add the articles you write as you go along. Tradeo invites you to outsource this work. Our editors work hard, thanks to your titles, to find keywords, new products, the backbone, the common thread and the ideas around which to articulate the appropriate blog articles as frequently as you like. The advantage of this service is that it has an external, new perspective that will question and take an interest in what is undoubtedly obvious to you. We can easily put ourselves in the shoes of online consumers, we are online consumers!

We offer a two-in-one service. Once you have given approved the written blog, the translation phase into the required languages comes into effect. In the case of cultural references which are specific to the countries concerned, the location will be taken into account. A good title, appropriate slogans and keywords will be crucial for your SEO in search engines. A blog can be an important marketing lever enabling you to convey an image of your entity that evolves, gain readers and therefore visibility and it is important that it is constantly developing in relation to the competition

In conclusion, entrust our editors and translators with your blogs to relieve you of this task which, if well executed, can result in increased turnover and visibility. We are at your disposal to discuss this in more detail. If you also sell products directly online, the benefit of linking the blog to your shop is twofold: every detail counts. Our IT partners are also at your service to get you started in e-commerce. This means you will not be left in the dark but will be supported by competent professionals through each new step as you move successfully to Marketing 4.0. Be courageous and create your own blog to post your products, your convictions as well as in-depth answers to your customers’ questions. Our team is looking forward to participating in this process by providing you with maximum support in this long-term process, because successful communication is a real business.