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While many sectors are feeling the full impact of the current pandemic, businesses have shown great resilience and adaptability in the face of these new constraints, the duration of which is difficult to predict. Grounded aircraft and remote working have led to the emergence of videoconference meetings, working sessions, conferences and seminars, all of which are enjoying tremendous success and rapid growth.

Within such a health crisis Tradeo has had to provide a simple yet effective solution to its clients’ interpreting needs. Although video and telephone interpreting has been around for some time now allowing the interpreter to join the discussion and translate the content exchanged, compliance with health measures, reduced transport costs and carbon footprint are all reasons to switch to remote interpreting. The tools at your disposal allow for good audio and video transmission enabling the interpreter or team of interpreters to reproduce what has been said and contribute to the smooth running of your event.

A remote interpreting service via videoconferencing technologies facilitates your exchanges with your international clients or prospects. This is the main advantage of such a service, namely that despite everything your business continues to operate dynamically. This solution is also less expensive and time-consuming in terms of travel. While there is no substitute for physical contact in human relations, platforms such as Zoom, Skype and Teams are so powerful that technology is quickly forgotten with the focus moving to interaction with your counterparts. Depending on your needs and preferences “video interpreting” can be performed consecutively so that all the speakers can follow what is being translated or simultaneously via headphones for the attendees who need to understand what is being exchanged.

Most software applications include features such as screen sharing, whiteboard sharing and the projection of PowerPoint presentations, for example, so that you can see them in real-time as the working session progresses. The videoconference organiser may also have the option to record the meeting so that anyone interested in viewing the video later can do so and then potentially follow up on certain elements. Launching projects and communicating results becomes intuitive. You will save time and keep in touch with your interlocutors thanks to a multilingual discussion adapted to your needs.

You can rely on our team of interpreters who are bound by professional secrecy and adhere to a strict code of ethics. We adapt to the situation, allowing you to continue to develop your business and ensure the health and safety of your speakers without limiting interactions, but by changing the approach, the medium and the means of communication. This maintains the fluidity of the words exchanged and the information remains alive thanks to a flexible framework, the only constraint being an alarm reminder to attend the meeting when the time comes. From our interpreting agency in Court in Switzerland or from other locations you speak and we interpret, your message is transmitted and you receive optimum feedback from your recipient in every respect. Our usual working practices are currently disrupted, but we are adapting and thanks to the tools available for videoconference interpreting, we continue to transmit the level of excellence of your products and services.