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  • Confidentiality in the professional world in general

Many professions, particularly in the medical and legal fields, are bound by professional secrecy. This means that those involved in these professions must preserve the confidentiality of all personal information relating to their patients and clients.

This may seem quite normal in such sectors. However, confidentiality must also be preserved in other sectors which are often less well-known or even overlooked by many, such as the watchmaking, automotive and food processing sectors. Certain manufacturing secrets or techniques used must remain hidden so that each company can maintain its trademarks and avoid being copied by competitors.

  • How do you identify if a document is confidential or not and how should this type of document be treated?

A document is classed as “confidential” if the information it contains is accessible only to a restricted group of people who are under the obligation to keep it secret. This confidentiality can apply to both paper documents and computer documents.

Confidential digital files are sometimes password-protected. Printed documents must be kept away from prying eyes. Some companies utilize a safe for this purpose.

In addition, a specific procedure for the destruction of these types of documents has been established which means they cannot be thrown away in the trash like other unimportant paper. Paper shredders exist as do companies that specialize in this type of service. Such organizations also sometimes offer a service to destroy your digital data (to the root).

·  Secrecy and translation 

In the translation sector collaborators must also confront the issue of confidentiality as confidential documents are sometimes sent to them for translation, proofreading or correction.

Confidence is good, control is better. The precautionary principle prevails with regard to machine translations. Although these can be effective to a certain extent when the text is not very complex, they do not provide any guarantees with regard to data protection. Given that artificial intelligence feeds on what it receives, let us be wary and entrust human beings with everything that is private and sensitive.

If you wish to entrust us with documents on a strictly confidential basis, Tradeo is there to meet your needs. We will treat your data with the utmost discretion so that they are not divulged under any circumstances.

Please feel free to send us a confidentiality agreement relating to the documents you wish to entrust to us. We will be pleased to return this agreement to you duly completed and signed as soon as possible. Discretion is in the DNA of Tradeo.