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Most people do sometimes find it difficult to get their ideas down on paper. And as we increasingly favour computers and digital in preference to pen and paper, the consequence shouldn’t be that we lack the time, inspiration or ability to write good copy. So how would you go about delegating this particular task?

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Why quality matters

Let’s look at the concept of quality in relation to goods and services. It is often contrasted with quantity and is also more subtle to measure. Indeed, what actually constitutes the quality that we recognise in a quality product or service?

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Excellence required

“Let’s be demanding, let’s ask the impossible” is a slogan that still resounds in our ears. If it is pleasant to deal with someone with whom we have an affinity, it is also salutary to go out of our comfort zone thanks to, or because of, a different client. Let’s see why.

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Interpreting in videoconferencing

While many sectors are feeling the full impact of the current pandemic, businesses have shown great resilience and adaptability in the face of these new constraints, the duration of which is difficult to predict. Grounded aircraft and remote working have led to the emergence of videoconference meetings, working sessions, conferences and seminars, all of which are enjoying tremendous success and rapid growth. Go for a multilingual videoconference.

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Writing and translating a blog

The regularity, originality of the choice of blog articles and their conciseness allow companies to make their image accessible to the general public and to create a link with generations in search of information.

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Translating a technical document

Technical translation covers a wide range of fields, each as varied as the next. These may include energy, electronics, mechanical engineering, physics, IT and the environment. The documents to be translated are therefore very diverse and require a high level of...

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Translate an official document

What does an official document mean? Few human beings are not confronted during their lives with an official document for themselves or their loved ones. Birth certificate, diplomas, celibacy certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, death...

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Translation vs. interpreting

Translation and interpreting are two little-known and often confused professions. It is often the case that a customer is looking for an interpreter when in reality he needs a translator and vice versa. Although these two activities are closely linked, as they are...

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